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Individual Wealth Solutions

Needs Analysis And Establishing Goals

The old adage of "if you don't know where you are going then any road will do" says it all. We believe your first major step on the road to wealth optimization comes with you determining what your needs are and what you would like to accomplish. We believe you should know what your investment time horizon is, and you should know what your risk tolerance is.

Asset Allocation

We believe that nothing is more important to your wealth optimization than how investment assets are allocated. The proper mix of cash, fixed income and equities that will match your risk tolerance and is most likely to deliver your desired results is the most critical part of the structure for success. Essentially, we believe asset allocation is a very important part of money management.

In addition, we believe that money invested must be diversified not only by asset type but by economy and by management style.   We use a "Buy and Hold" investment process with regular rebalancing and investment reviews.

Retirement Income

We believe that a critical part of wealth optimization is helping you understand very clearly what your current assets, planned future contributions and investment returns are likely to deliver at your retirement date. This measurement is critical because if it looks like you will be over-funded or under-funded at retirement it will have a major impact on current planning.

Management of Investments

We believe that professional money managers who have proper educational backgrounds, years of experience, exceptional historical returns  and a team of researchers working with them will make better decisions on your behalf than individuals who do not have these advantages.

Selection of Investments

We believe that solid research into proven money managers will bring the best products and product mixes to your portfolios. Essentially, one of the services we provide is to do this research for you and to bring outstanding management and products for your wealth optimization process.

Formalizing your Strategy

We believe it is important for you to have a formal "Policy Statement" which outlines the process which has been agreed upon by you and your professional advisor.

Monitoring Progress

Once we have helped you to implement a well thought out wealth optimization process we feel it is necessary to review the portfolio selected on an on-going basis. To effect these regular reviews we will pre-book appointments for the year with you.

Rebalancing Portfolios

Because market cycles cause different asset categories to do well at different times we believe it is necessary to bring your portfolio back to the regular asset mix at regular intervals.

Benefit of the Wealth Optimization Process

Overall it brings a systematic process to investing. It helps you understand what you want to do and how to best do it by:

  1. Helping you to determine what your needs and goals are.
  2. Helping you understand what your current assets and future contributions are likely to deliver at retirement.
  3. Providing an asset allocation method which is matched to your risk profile and financial goals.
  4. Allowing the investment decisions for your portfolio to be managed by top professional money managers.
  5. Providing you with a good deal of research to get you through the maze of investment selections available.
  6. Providing you with a formal "roadmap" in the form of a Policy Statement which outlines the process agreed upon.
  7. Pre-booking future appointments so that progress will be monitored and rebalancing of your portfolio will take place.
  8. Assigning a specific service representative to you to take care of all your service requirements.
  9. Providing your personalized statements to help you monitor your progress.