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Third Party Administration

Ease of Administration

One simple administration system for all of your benefit needs. Integrated Benefit Services (a division of Schuster Boyd McDonald) removes all of the day-to-day problems of benefits administration and replaces it with one-stop coordinated benefits administration. You can benefit from real time transaction changes, electronic fund transfer, real time billing review and local service.

Benefit Transaction

New hires, terminated employees, new dependents, change from single to family, change in salary or wages, changes in plan design -- all can be done from your computer. No need for a stand-alone system, no need for a special computer, if your computer can access an outside line you can access Integrated Benefit Services (a division of Schuster Boyd McDonald).

Electronic Fund Transfer

We provide you with the option of paying your monthly benefits bills electronically. Review your bill on-line and simply authorize the debit from your account. No cheques to request, no mail to send. Full reconciliation is provided to you monthly.

Real Time Billing Review

Managing your transactions is augmented by the ability to review your bill in real time. Check your changes, review your divisions, salaries and employee eligibility - all before you pay your bill.

Local Service

One call to the trained professional staff at Integrated Benefit Services (a division of Schuster Boyd McDonald) will provide you with the service you need and demand. Talk to people dedicated to the management of your account and the servicing of your needs. No more transferring from department to department to get the service and the answers you need.

Underwriting and Financing

Underwriting and Financing of Employee Benefits Plans

You know that two critical components of your employee benefits plan are the underwriting and financing of the plan. Our experts will guide you through the complexities of today's underwriting and financing of benefits plans to ensure that it suits your needs. From immediate cash flow issues to long term risk management we work with you to make your programs fit your goals and objectives.

Risk management and risk acceptance are not always clearly defined in employee benefits plans. What portion of employee benefits risk is your organization currently accepting? What is appropriate for your group? With more than 30 years experience in underwriting and financing of employee benefits plans our experts will design programs that suit your needs for now - and in the future.

Actuarial Services

The ever-increasing complexity of employee benefits financing and underwriting often requires actuarial review and sign off. Our actuarial services will provide your group with the security and certainty of knowing that your plan was designed and reviewed by experts in the field of employee benefits.