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About Us

Schuster Boyd McDonald's mission is to provide objective and independent advice and solutions in the provision and management of employee benefits and group savings plans to assist corporate and personal clients meet their goals and manage risk while controlling both current and future costs.

We have substantial experience in providing various solutions to private sector clients in the automotive, professional corporations, manufacturing, mining and forestry sectors. In the public sector, our clients include large and small municipalities, school boards, hospitals and social service agencies.

Our goal is to provide a team approach in the provision of services, advice and a variety of solutions from a number of providers to meet the growing and changing needs of our clients.  That goal is supported by two (2) partners, four (4) licensed representatives and ten (10) support staff.

The firm has developed and maintained arrangements with accounting, legal and actuarial firms to provide a full service solution centre for our clients.

We have designed, implemented and continue to manage some of Northern Ontario’s largest Group RRSP and Pension plans. We are committed to educating clients in both English and French and providing comprehensive retirement, insurance and estate planning solutions.

Full and complete disclosure and independence is a hallmark of our reputation.

The Partners

The partners have substantial experience in providing group benefits to private sector retailers, manufacturing, forestry and mining companies, as well as serving large and small municipalities, school boards, hospitals and social service agencies.

Addressing the total needs of your corporate and personal financial planning program is what Schuster Boyd McDonald is all about.

Dan Boyd

Dan is involved in Personal Financial Planning and Employee Benefits.  Spending over twenty years in the management field of both the private and public sectors, Dan understands the importance of employee benefit plans from both sides, and now coordinates them with government and personal programs.

Joe McDonald

Joe began his business career in the mining sector and then spent ten years with a major Canadian group insurer before joining Schuster Boyd McDonald. Joe specializes in the design, financing and implementation of employee benefits programs.