Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness: Why is it necessary?

Higher health care costs and increased employee health plan utilization are cutting into corporate profits and affecting overall financial growth like never before. Some estimates report that on average, nearly 50 percent of corporate profits are consumed by employee health care costs.

One area of wellness activity that has seen significant growth in recent years is wellness and health promotion at the work site. More and more organizations are beginning to reap the benefits of supporting and facilitating activities to improve the health and well being of their workforce. Some promotions that employers are offering are: a health and wellness newsletter, discounts at local fitness clubs, health centered "lunch-n-learn" sessions, smoking cessation, stress management, or related classes taught at the workplace.

Who is costing your company the most when it comes to health care?

Employees classified as "high-risk" and engage in unhealthy lifestyle behaviors like smoking, alcohol and drug use, and eating a high fat diet. These employees are the main contributors to these astronomical costs. Unfortunately, the average Canadian workforce has more than their fair share of employees who engage in at least one unhealthy, but changeable behavior.

What impact would workplace wellness have on your employees?

Many recent and long-term studies have shown that the implementation of a comprehensive work site health promotion program has had a direct impact and shown significant decreases in health care costs and utilization. Workplace wellness programs have also shown to be effective in lowering absenteeism rates, increasing employee productivity and improving employee morale. These programs generally focus on educating employees (especially those classified as "high-risk") toward a healthier lifestyle.

Schuster Boyd McDonald explores the many dynamics of health promotion at the work site. We work with you to develop a workplace wellness program design to address your specific needs; we will show you the cost effectiveness outcomes of various published studies, and incentive plans to help motivate employees toward better health.