Disability Management

Proactive Disability Management:

Throughout the 90s, organizations have watched their disability costs increase rapidly and now realize they must make every effort to contain them. The simple reality is that no organization can afford to absorb the escalating costs of workplace disability claims. Leading-edge companies are recognizing that it is imperative to act now to cut and control costs through effective new approaches to disability management.

Schuster Boyd McDonald have a Disability Manager on site to begin the early intervention process. Our firms approach helps our company develop a proactive program suitable for everyone. Our program of early intervention is structured to insure that appropriate, timely attention is give to each individual case.


Our early intervention program involves:
  • Contacting the employee within 2 business days of notification

  • Home/phone visits to ensure all health concerns have been addressed

  • Working closely with the medical practitioners to develop a modified/early return to work program

  • Speeding up the process with efficient implementation tools: functional assessments and return to work forms.

  • Coordinating physiotherapy or counselling

  • Monitoring results of same to ensure a suitable outcome, both for the employee and employer


Our Early Intervention Program is aimed at reducing Long-Term Disability claims. This will ultimately help reduce the direct and hidden costs of employee absenteeism.

Our firm strongly believes that by maintaining contact, we can effectively monitor any changes in an employee's condition, which will help us identify opportunities to successfully reintroduce them into a safe workplace environment.