Dan Boyd

Senior Financial Advisor - Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc.
Partner - Schuster Boyd McDonald
Dan joined the firm as a full partner in 1991. Having over 20 years in various middle and upper management roles in both the public and private sectors, Dan understands the role of employee benefit and group savings plans in employee recruitment, retention and satisfaction. As Senior Financial Advisor and Mutual Fund Branch Manager, he is responsible for the Wealth Management Division of the firm including investment compliance and the implementation and monitoring of all group Capital Accumulation Plan guidelines introduced for all group savings plans in January 2005.  Dan is recognized in the insurance and investment field as a leader and works closely with key employees on customized executive compensation, risk management, personal savings and pension plans.


You can contact Dan directly at 705-675-8613 Ext. 224, toll free at 1-800-461-4074 or email dboyd@sbminc.ca