Attendance Management Program

Many organizations do not have formal policies and procedures to deal with absenteeism or disability management.

Schuster Boyd McDonald can assist the employer in developing an Absence Management Program that would help reduce and manage absenteeism through a consistent and open commitment to accommodation and assistance for all employees who experience injury or illness. It is based on cooperation between the employer and the employee. It emphasizes promotion of good and improved attendance by raising awareness of the importance of good attendance given its impact on workforce productivity.


Overview of Program
  • Program Goal and Objectives

  • Program Focus (What is non-culpable absenteeism)

  • Key Program Elements

  • Key Assumptions and Operating Requirements


Program Structure
  • Program Design

  • Who is eligible to enter the program?

  • How is entry to the program determined?

  • What is the company’s threshold?

  • Attendance Monitoring

  • Attendance Recognition


Roles and Responsibilities of
  • Employees

  • Managers

  • Supervisors

  • Union Representatives

  • Physicians


Schuster Boyd McDonald will provide to both managers and employees training sessions on the structure of the program and how it can help both management and employees reach optimal results.